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Global Philosophy: Call for contributions

Global Philosophy, www.globalphilosophyresources.com, provides easy to use resources for faculty members who are interested in diversifying their teaching but who lack training in nonwestern philosophy.  We are looking for contributors. 

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List of Chinese names of Western scholars

Philip Clart (Leipzig) maintains a useful list of the Chinese names of scholars who publish primarily in Western languages. If your name is not on it, please contact Prof. Clart, who would be glad to add you!

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Buddhism Bibliography

Charles Muller writes…

Dear Colleagues,

Richard Smith’s kind offering of his bibliography made me think that it
might be worthwhile mentioning the H-Buddhism Zotero Bibliography (which
has a fair number of entries on Confucianism, not to mention China).


Zotero provides useful tools on the web site, but of course, it is an
even much more powerful tool if you figure out how to run Zotero locally
in Firefox. If anyone was ever motivated to start a similar project for
Confucianism, he or she could go a long way in seeding it by simply
exporting the Confucianism entries from our project. Smith’s
bibliography could also be converted and imported fairly easily.

We presently have it set up so that anyone can view it, but only members
can edit, because we want to keep the content scholarly. If you’d like
me to send you an invite to join, just write me.



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On-line Resources Related to the Yi Jing

Prof. Richard Smith of Rice University writes:

I wanted to let you know that a free, word-searchable PDF version of the 98-page bibliography for my new book, The Qing Dynasty and Traditional Chinese Culture (Rowman and Littlefield, 2015), is now available at https://rowman.com/WebDocs/Smith_9781442221925_online%20bibliography.pdf

I might add that there are also a number of other items available for download at my History Department website (http://history.rice.edu/faculty/richard-j-smith). One of these is a long powerpoint on Ming-Qing “encyclopedias of daily use” (riyong leishu) (http://history.rice.edu/content/chinese-encyclopedias), which is also available at http://www.slideshare.net/smithrj/encyclopedias-in-late-imperial-china-2014-36080622 (where it occasioned some interesting and productive conversation). In addition, there are quite a few items on my History Department site related to the Yijing (see http://history.rice.edu/Yijing). Among these materials are a number of Asian-language glossaries for the names, titles and terms that appear in my two books on the Changes: The I Ching: A Biography (Princeton University Press, 2012) and Fathoming the Cosmos and Ordering the World: The Yijing (I-Ching, or Classic of Changes) and Its Evolution in China (University of Virginia Press, 2008).

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New Classical Chinese Dictionary

I imagine that many blog readers — even those who love Pleco on their smartphones — will be keen to get ahold of this new dictionary of classical Chinese!

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New Book: Readings in Later Chinese Philosophy

RLCP_cover  I’m pleased to announce the publication of our reader in post-classical Chinese philosophy.

I’ll put the details below the fold, but it might help to have a quick summary of some the book’s most noteworthy (or at least distinctive) advantages.

  • Better selections than Chan’s Sourcebook, including several overlooked gems and works on and by women
  • Consistent translations of key terms and oft-quoted passages
  • Begone Wade-Giles!


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Interesting resource: Reviews of Asian-language books

I’ve just become aware of New Frontiers of Asian Scholarship, a resource hosted by the Harvard-Yenching Institute, posting reviews of Asian-language scholarly books. There are a few philosophy books, and a variety of other interesting materials.

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Great source for Neo-Confucian texts

As Chris has recently reminded us, ctext is a terrific resource, both in terms of its textual coverage and the many innovative features that Donald has added to it. Currently it has some very useful coverage of the Song-Ming era, but for anyone looking for more texts from Neo-Confucian authors, I can recommend the Hong Kong Society of Humanities site (click on the 宋明哲學經典 link), which I have just added to our list of resources.

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Support the Chinese Text Project!

If you work with early Chinese texts, you have probably used the Chinese Text Project (ctext.org), a wonderful on-line resource created by Donald Sturgeon some years ago while he was still a master’s student in Taiwan.

To many of us, within two or three years of its founding, ctext.org had become a more convenient and useful research tool than the online e-text resources created by large institutions such as Academia Sinica. As Donald has continued to expand the site’s functions — such as by adding a dictionary and concordance indexing — its utility has overtaken that of any rival Chinese text database, online or not.

Often, while working on a book chapter or essay, I have multiple browser windows open displaying different pages of content from ctext.org. I’m sure many others in the field use the site the same way.

All that useful content takes up a lot of server resources, however, which someone has to pay for. For years now, that someone has mainly been Donald himself. He’s had a few welcome anonymous donations and a handful of short-term sponsors, but by and large the costs for the site come out of his own pocket. And that’s not counting all the time and programming expertise that he’s put into it.

So a graduate student living on a modest stipend in one of the world’s most expensive cities is paying for a valuable research tool that all of us use.

May I suggest that those of us who can afford it — not graduate students, but professors and other interested readers — consider donating to support the site’s operations? You can do so through Paypal on the site’s support and donation page here. To those of us who visit the site frequently, the Chinese Text Project is worth much more than the cost of a book and probably more than the cost of most of the software on our computers. So why not consider donating an amount equal to the price of a book or a software package to support the continued operation and growth of this invaluable resource?

And if you’re in a position to do so, consider arranging for an institutional subscription to or sponsorship of the site, as described here.

This is a project that deserves our support.

— Chris Fraser

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Digital Bibliography of Chinese Buddhism 中國佛教電子書目

Especially given the great importance of Buddhist discourse in the 19th and 20th centuries to modern Chinese thought more broadly, this resource looks to be very valuable!

From: “Gregory Adam Scott” <gas2122@columbia.edu>

I am very pleased to announce the public opening of the online search interface to my Digital Bibliography of Chinese Buddhism 中國佛教電子書目.

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"Thinking China" Website

The fascinating new(ish) website and project, Thinking China, is well worth a look. Part of a broader project called The China Story, it aims to document contemporary Chinese thinking on a range of subjects, and offers information and links to resources on several intellectuals already. The following discussion of its goals is quite compelling — and interestingly connected to some recent discussions on this blog: Continue reading “"Thinking China" Website”

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Intercultural Philosophy Discussion Now Available on Web

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the mailing list InterPhil (Intercultural Philosophy News) can now also be read directly on the web. All messages to the list are archived and available at:


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Reminder of Free Dao Downloads

Just a quick reminder that the journal Dao gives out free promotional downloads of their top five downloaded articles at any given time. Here is the link (freebies are at the bottom of the page). There are some great articles right now on that list!

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Chinese Philosophy in PhilPapers (Volunteers Needed)

I want to pass on a message from JeeLoo Liu about her work integrating Chinese philosophy into the valuable PhilPapers on-line resource. We owe JeeLoo many thanks! Please read on to see where things stand on this project, and to see how you can contribute to its continued development. Continue reading “Chinese Philosophy in PhilPapers (Volunteers Needed)”

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