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Open Postdoctoral Fellowship Position at Research Center for Chinese Cultural Subjectivity, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

The newly-formed Research Center for Chinese Cultural Subjectivity*, National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan is seeking applications for ONE Postdoctoral Fellow in areas related to cultural perspectives of Chinese & Sinophone studies in global context, particularly regarding the relation between the special linguistic modalities of Chinese and thought, ethical and religious practice in contemporary contexts, such as Chinese & Sinophone linguistics, comparative studies in Chinese and Western philosophy, Chinese & Sinophone literature, Chinese or Taiwanese history, Chinese religion, applied ethics and psychotherapy in Sinophone societies, Sinophone digital literature, and their variations. Academic researchers who have interests across the areas aforementioned or excelled in broadening or elaborating other possible dimensions in this spectrum are sincerely welcome to apply.

More about the Research Center for Chinese Cultural Subjectivity please see here.

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CFP: 1st SEA International Young Scholars Conference

Research Center for Chinese Cultural Subjectivity in Taiwan is a newly established research project regarding a global approach to various fields of Sinophone studies, including Chinese Philosophy, Philology, Literature, Histories and etc.

We are pleased to announce the call of abstracts for the oncoming 1st “Sinophone Studies in Europe and the Americas”(SEA) International Young Scholars Conference.

Please refer to the Facebook link here for further details.

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A Conference on “Sinophone Philosophy 汉语哲学”

I posted once before about the idea of “Sinophone philosophy (i.e, Chinese-language philosophy; Hanyu Zhexue 汉语哲学),” here. I was recently invited to a conference on the subject (alas, I won’t be able to attend), and thought that the three main topics on which the conference will focus might be of interest to some:

一、对于中国哲学史中传统思想之当代的、具方法论自觉的理论性重构。[1. Topics concerning the contemporary, methodologically self-conscious theoretical reconstruction of traditional thought from the history of China’s philosophy.]

二、以西方哲学为对象、然而能与汉语世界相关研究成果批判地对话之学术研究。[2. Topics that take Western philosophy as their objects, but use research results from the Sinosphere (i.e., Chinese-language world) to undertake critical, dialogical, academic research.]

三、立基并取材于汉语世界文化传统、而对哲学问题所进行的独立反思。[3. Topics that base themselves in and use results from the cultural traditions of the Sinosphere, and undertake independent reflection on philosophical topics.]

As comparative philosophers reflect on how to undertake philosophical work in a way that reflects our pluralistic world and does not privilege “Western” philosophy simply because of its current historical dominance (which is in part the result of the successes of Euro-American capitalism and colonialism), I think that Sinophone Philosophy is a stimulating concept worth our attention.