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Boring Through the Great Wall

Perversely, this blog is not accessible through normal channels in China because of a general firewall that keeps out WordPress, Typepad, and other blog providers’ sites. But if you know someone in the PRC who is or might be interested in following the blog, send them this information: the blog can be accessed at  Continue reading “Boring Through the Great Wall”

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Quick Technical Note about Commenting

There are two ways to comment in response to a post. You can jump directly to the ‘Submit Comment’ box and use it. That will result in a “primary” comment. The other way to comment is to respond to an existing comment by clicking ‘Reply’ just below the comment. That will result in a bullet-point, nested comment (the nests are enabled five levels deep). For example, see my comment here. Using the ‘Reply’ comments allows for sub-discussions and cuts down on some of the need to scroll up and down the comment papyrus.

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