CFP: Being, Thinking, and Meaningfulness of Life

The Department of Philosophy at Fu Jen Catholic University is organizing a three-day international conference in memory of Professor Vincent Shen which will take place June 7th-9th 2024 at New Taipei City in Taiwan. They are inviting scholars, researchers, and members of academia to present their latest findings related to the theme of this conference. If you are interested in submitting a paper please click here for instructions in English and here for instructions in Chinese.

Please submit a proposal of your presentation, including an abstract (300 words in English, 500 in Chinese), with a title of your paper and 5 key terms, digitally by March 31th 2023. Please include your basic information when submitting your proposal via Email to Mrs. Zoe Saelim.

For the accepted papers, the deadline for submission of the full version is May 10th, 2024. 

These are some sub-topics that can be focused on:

(1) Vincent Shen’s thought and philosophy
(2) Chinese Philosophy and Scholastic Philosophy
(3) Intercultural Dialogues in Philosophy and in Religion
(4) Ultimate Reality, Generosity, and Strangification
(5) Being, and Death and Life Education
(6) Nature, Ecology and Environmental Ethics
(7) Self and Multiple Others in the Age of AI
(8) Visuality, Translatability and Universalizability in Art and Aesthetics
(9) The Public Sphere in the Post-Globalization (including wars and pandemic)
(10) Philosophy of Medicine, East and West (including care ethics, philosophical
counseling, philosophy of care, etc.)

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