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  1. I would STRONGLY suggest not attending this conference.
    I went to the first one, and it was very disorganized and seemed like a scam.
    My main three reasons are as follows:
    1) There was no moderator (one speaker was told the morning of the first day that he would be in charge of all the sessions).
    2) Neither keynote speaker showed up, they sent in videos for us to watch instead.
    3) There were four (or five, I can’t remember) other conferences going on at the same time, through the same organization. So it seemed to me as though they were simply trying to make money, and other scholars from various fields shared my opinion.
    4) The conference fee is extremely high, and yet they provide speakers with almost nothing (a t-shirt, certificate, and lunch for two days…a bit pricey for over 800 usd).

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