CFP: Confucianism: Comparisons and Controversies

Call for Papers: Confucianism: Comparisons and Controversies

Professors Eirik Harris (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Henrique Schneider (Nordakademie) are guest editing volume 8.2 of the Journal Culture and Dialogue (Brill).

The guest editors seek 7-10 papers of high quality on topics related to Chinese philosophy, particularly engaging with all different types of Confucianism. This can occur from a perspective rooted within Chinese philosophy as well as in a comparative approach. The guest editors seek to put together a diverse special issue covering Classical Confucianism as well as contemporary themes for an audience that includes non-specialists in Chinese philosophy.

The guest editors are especially looking for contributions on:

– Virtues and the state of (Chinese) philosophy of virtues

– Virtue politics and its limits

– Virtue as an ideal vs. realistic approach in ethics, political theory, and international relations

– The relationship between virtues and rituals

– Philosophy of rituals: past, present, and future

– Meritocracy and roles

– The virtues and vices of meritocracy

– Different versions of meritocracy in Chinese (and Confucian) philosophies

– Contemporary issues in Confucianism

– Contemporary philosophical criticisms of Confucianism

If you are interested in submitting, send you abstract, draft paper, or full paper until March 15th to Henrique Schneider ( and Eirik Harris ( Once accepted, final versions of the papers will be due June 1st. Further information on the journal can be found here  The journal’s stylesheet can be found here

If you have any queries, contact the guest editors.

Eirik Harris, Henrique Schneider

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