CFP–Constructing and Interpreting the Daotong

Call for papers
Constructing and Interpreting the Daotong (Transmission of the Way) in the Perspective of Chinese and Korean Neo-Confucianism

International conference organised by:
–         The Centre of Chinese Studies (CEC, ASIEs, Inalco),
–         The Centre of Korean Studies (CECO, ASIEs, Inalco)
–         The Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Culture (Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul)
The organising committee is pleased to invite colleagues and Ph.D students interested in Neo-Confucianism to submit abstracts for this international conference regarding the construction and (re-)interpretations of the Daotong. Its objective is to re-examine the process through which Neo-Confucian discourse was legitimated by promoting the notion of Transmission of the Way, both in Chinese and Korean contexts.

The conference will discuss the following questions: should we distinguish a stage of Transmission of the Way (daotong) from one of Dao Learning (daoxue), as suggested by Yu Ying-shi? How did Chinese and Korean Neo-Confucians develop their doctrine in the lineage of Dao Learning? Why did Zhu Xi’s school dominate Korean Neo-Confucianism? What is the validity of Mou Zongsan’s division of the Chinese Neo-Confucian tradition into two or three branches?
The conference will also be an opportunity to review new methodologies dealing with research on Neo-Confucianism in both philosophical and historical perspectives.

Working languages
: Chinese, English, French, Korean (Handout in Chinese or English hoped for if oral presentation in French or Korean)
Organising Committee: Choi Young Jin, Kim Daeyeol, Isabelle Sancho, Frédéric Wang
Contacts: Frédéric Wang (, Isabelle Sancho (

Conference Location: Inalco, Salle des Conseils, 65 rue des Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris, France
15th March 2013: submission of abstract
30th May: final program of the conference
1st and 2nd July: Conference dates

All conference participants will be responsible for the planning and cost of their own travel arrangements to the conference venue. Meals will be provided during the conference.

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