CFP: Dao and Time

Livia Kohn writes that she and Robin Wang are proposing to put together an edited volume on “Dao and Time.”

Topics can include:

  1. Cosmogony, oneness, manuscripts, entropy (physics)
  2. Metamorphoses, yin-yang, evolution, biology (biotime)
  3. Life cycles, medicine, diet, exercise, medicine (human)
  4. Nonaction, space (ma), openness, stillness (philosophy, art)
  5. Culture, history, dynasties, linear vs. cyclical, (history)
  6. Calculation and measurements, astronomy, (calendrics)
  7. Circumstances, propensity, Yijing, the mean, synchronicity
  8. Destiny, fate calculation, astrology
  9. Reversal, alchemy, meditation, Laozi, ritual time
  10. Immortality, time travel, subjective time


If you have something in this direction and would like to participate please let me know <>. We hope for papers about 6-8000 words in length. Deadline would be the end of next year, Jan. 1, 2020.

If at all possible, but not necessary to contribute, come and present your work for discussion at the Daoist conference, late June in LA next year. See

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