CFP for chapters in a cross-cultural ethics textbook

The below message solicits papers for a cross-cultural textbook in ethics; please respond to Ms Rodriguez directly.

My name is Laura Rodriguez and I’m responsible for Marketing and Library Relations at Open Book Publishers., the leading Open Access publisher in the HSS in the UK. I’m contacting you further to the launch of a call for papers for What do we care about? A Cross-Cultural Textbook for Undergraduate Students of Philosophical Ethics because we believe it might be of interest for you and/or your peers.

Texts in ethics designed primarily for students should have four main focal points: exposing students to normative moral theories, the history of ethics and ethicists, the nature and major contents of applied ethics, and exposing students to the analysis of moral terms and questions of moral validation in meta-ethics. However, what is currently available in this regard are texts that provide a one-sided and narrow narrative of these focal points: the Western narrative. As it is becoming more obvious in academic philosophy such hegemony of knowledge in any area of philosophy is not only a fraud and disservice to humanity – deliberately or non-deliberately – but also results in the poverty of knowledge. This book is a bold attempt to remedy this and provide a comprehensive and broad perspective of ethics to undergraduate students. The book will indeed provide information on the four focal points mentioned above, but it will also:

  • incorporate in a non-eurocentric, non-biased way of presenting traditions from Asia, Africa, North-America, South-America, Australia and Europe.

And it will

  • have a recurring section at the end of every chapter that will attempt to embed the respective ethical traditions into lived experience by asking (as reflected in the title): »What, exponent of tradition X, do you care about? What is an ethical issue dear to you? And what do you do to address it? What do you do to promote that which you care about«

An extensive general introduction and specific short introductions to each section will be provided by the editors explaining the approach of the book in detail. The introduction will also address why a project like this is necessary and address the inglorious history of philosophy as a means of oppression.

We would be delighted if you decided to submit a proposal so please, Björn Freter at or and Elvis Imafidon at , or visit Also, we would really appreciate it if you could share the news with your colleagues and peers potentially interested in this proposal.  

Thank you so much for your time.

All the best,


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