CFP: International Interdisciplinary Conference on Middle Period China, 800-1400

Announcing an International Interdisciplinary Conference on Middle Period China, 800-1400, planned for early June 2014 at Harvard

Call for Paper Proposals — Deadline for paper proposals: July 15, 2012

This three/four-day conference is open to scholars in all fields–history, literature, art, archaeology, philosophy, religion–and from all countries. The optional fourth day will offer participants opportunities to learn computation methods and databases.

All papers presented will be permanently archived online and entered into bibliographies. Some papers will be selected for further refinement and inclusion in a thematic (e-) book.

Scholars and graduate students writing dissertations who would like to present research papers at this conference should submit a proposal consisting of a one-page abstract and a one-page CV.

To prepare our requests for funding we need lots of exciting proposals. Give us the evidence that innovative research is being done on this period and help us show that scholars in different disciplines have much to gain from talking to each other. The more good proposals that we get, the more participants we will be able to fund.

Deadline for paper proposals: July 15, 2012

Please send proposals as email attachments to:

Patricia Ebrey


Peter Bol

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  1. Thank you for sharing the information, it might be useful for some of my friends with degrees in Sinology (albeit i presume it is quite difficult to qualify a paper for the conference.)

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