CFP: New Journal Submissions – Journal of East Asian Philosophy

The editors are inviting submissions to the newly launched journal, Journal of East Asian Philosophy from Springer. The deadline for the inaugural issue is February 28, 2021, with expected publication in June 2021. They accept original papers, translations, and book reviews in all areas of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean philosophical traditions. They especially welcome East Asia-West and Intra-East Asia comparative philosophical studies. (For more information on the journal, and how how to submit papers see below.)
Editors: Yoshinobu Shino, Masato Goda, Yosuke Takehana, Yuko Ishihara
About the journal:
  • Unveils the philosophical potential of the three main East Asian philosophical traditions, namely, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, inclusively and comprehensively, which philosophize with Chinese characters in irreducibly diverse fashions
  • Explores how East Asian philosophical tradition(s) receive and confront the Greek-origin term, philosophia, and create their own philosophical systems parallel to the European history of philosophy
  • Fosters the dialogue among East Asian philosophical traditions, which remains under-developed

The aim of this journal is fourfold. First, it examines the reception of and confrontations with Western philosophy in East Asia. Secondly, it promotes the dialogue between various philosophical discourse and traditions in East Asia. Thirdly, it explores the potential of East Asian philosophy comprehensively. Fourthly, it attempts to articulate the history of East Asian philosophy. All time periods, themes, figures, texts, traditions and so on within and without East Asian philosophical contexts are welcome. Instead of confining East Asia to specific nations, languages, cultures, schools and so on, this journal perceives East Asia as a transnational and transcultural concept. East Asian philosophy, therefore, is a dynamic philosophical consortium that intercepts with philosophical texts, figures, concepts and traditions by trespassing cultural essentialism and national. East Asia-West and Intra-East Asia comparative philosophical studies are particularly welcome.

Guidelines for authors:

Please submit your papers through the online system, which you can access from the journal website:
For book reviews and questions, please contact:


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