CFP on Philosophy and Translation

CALL FOR PAPERS – Tetsugaku Vol. 2, 2018

*Special theme: Philosophy and translation*

*Submission Deadline*:  30 September 2017

Tetsugaku, the International e-Journal of the Philosophical Association of Japan, calls for papers for the special issue, “Philosophy and translation” (Vol. 2, 2018), edited by Naoko Saito.

The history of philosophy, East and West, is inseparable from questions of translation. The issues of translation range from its literal, conventional sense of interlinguistic conversion, to a much broader, cross-cultural and intracultural endeavour. Translation can also function between academic disciplines. Across this broad range, the scope of translation opens diverse paths in the crossing of borders. Translation can be seen as a window through which to reconsider the task of philosophy today. We can also use different prepositions to mark different aspects of the juncture between philosophy and translation: philosophy of translation, philosophy in translation, philosophy as translation.

Philosophical papers reflecting on translation in relation to the following sub-themes are welcome:

– Historical examination of philosophy and translation

– Linguistic analysis of translation

– Translation in relation to particular philosophical approaches (analytical, continental, pragmatist, etc.)

– Translation as an intralinguistic issue (translation as internal to the nature of language)

– Translation and the substance of comparative philosophy

– Translation as related to cross-cultural communication

– Philosophy, translation and human transformation

– Translation and the crossing of philosophical divides (for example, the continental and the analytical)

– Political implications of philosophy and translation

– Translation, the internationalization of higher education and the role of philosophy

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