CFP: Special Issue on Resemblance

Call for papers: special issue on resemblance in the Asian Journal of Philosophy

Guest editors: Ben Blumson (NUS, Singapore), Malcolm Keating (Smith College, USA)

The nature of similarity (or resemblance) and our epistemic access to it have been important topics in both contemporary philosophy and historical traditions, including, for example, Indian and Medieval European philosophical traditions. This collection of papers in the Asian Journal of Philosophy brings together philosophers across these traditions working on related questions.

Topics might include:

  • Whether similarity facts are fundamental or not
  • The relationship between universals and resemblance
  • Whether similarity is objective, subjective, or some combination
  • How similarity facts are known, if they can be
  • What the nature of similarity entails for analogical reasoning and/or metaphor
  • The relationship between representation and resemblance

Call details also online at

To submit

Submit your paper through Springer’s editorial manager. The journal considers manuscripts up to 12,000 words in length, including shorter pieces of original research of less than 4,500 words. Each manuscript will receive at least two reviews. The final decision remains with the Editor in Chief.

Submission deadline: September 30, 2024

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