CFP: Truth and Asian Philosophy

The Asian Journal of Philosophy is pleased to announce a call for papers for a Topical Collection on “Truth and Asian Philosophy.”

The Asian Journal of Philosophy is a brand new journal that aims to publish high-quality articles in any area of analytic philosophy, including what might be called “Asian analytic philosophy,” which is the journal’s way of referring to engagement with Asian philosophical traditions utilizing analytic philosophical methodologies and vocabularies. The journal aspires to be a leading platform for analytic philosophy in Asia. You can find more information about the journal here:

For this Topical Collection on “Truth and Asian Philosophy,” we are interested in papers that engage with questions relating to truth and Asian philosophy. Some sample research topics might include but are certainly not limited to:

  • How is truth as a concept manifested in Asian philosophical traditions?
  • What can cross-cultural inquiries tell us about truth as a philosophical concept?
  • What can we learn about truth from studying Asian traditions?

Papers for the Topical Collection will be published in regular issues of the journal rather than in a dedicated special issue, so we have some flexibility in when we are able to process submissions.

Our tentative deadline for submission is 31 August, 2022. Contributors are encouraged, however, to make submissions as soon as they are ready to do so.

Submission details: Each manuscript should be roughly between 7000-10,000 words. Manuscripts should be submitted via our website and will go through double-blind peer view:

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to write to us at or



Songyao Ren

Assistant Professor at UT Dallas


Frank Saunders

Assistant Professor at Yonsei University

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  1. I am certain Asian traditions have much to say on truth. Other people’s and cultures do also. I have written and re-written a list of notions about truth; continue to find-tune that, periodically. What becomes clear to me is that truth and reality are contextual—tied closely to each other, often interchangeable. That viewed as true through one lens, becomes marginally different through another. Time itself changes the view, as do the people who come and go. So, there is a plasticity to context, such that truth and reality conform with presence. This view is not about the facts we know or ‘laws’ of nature or physics…those are immutable. ‘Truth’ and ‘reality’ are not.

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