CFP: Vietnamese Confucianism for the Journal Asia Studies

The May 2020 issue will be dedicated to Vietnamese Confucianism, including its religious traditions, official ideologies and specific philosophical approaches.

The revitalization of the Confucian traditions during the 20th century has assumed increasing relevance and significance in recent decades. Today, the revival of these complex philosophical heritages belongs to the most important theoretical currents in contemporary East Asian theory. In this context, the term East Asia does not refer to a geographic or geo-political, but rather to a cultural zone, namely a zone that is defined through various common cultural heritages, especially through the common Confucian ideational tradition. In this cultural context, Vietnam, for instance, is also part of Eastern Asia, although in a strictly geographic sense it belongs to Southeast Asia.

Although the modernization of Confucian thought and culture represents a major trend in East Asian societies, and even though a vast number of various research has been published on this topic, academic works on Vietnamese Confucianism are still very rare.

However, every way starts with the first step. Therefore, we are looking forward to papers from this field of research.

Among other, similar topics, the issue will address the following central themes:

  1. Confucian values within the context of the disparate Confucian cultures of Vietnam;
  2. Confucian ethics and education in traditional and modern Vietnamese society;
  3. Vietnamese Confucianism and Vietnamese politics;
  4. East Asian Classics and the Vietnamese intellectual history;
  5. Confucian wisdom and popular knowledge in Vietnamese moral education;
  6. Traditional beliefs, customs, festivals, art, literature and folklore;
  7. Educational Reform in Vietnam and East Asia;
  8. Specific features of Confucian ethics in Vietnam;
  9. Interactions and exchanges with other East Asian Confucianisms;
  10. Confucian values have and the modernization of Vietnamese societies;
  11. The modern faith of traditional religious elements of the specifically Vietnamese Confucianism;
  12. Limits and historical failings of Confucian culture in Vietnam.

We welcome papers from scholars, researchers, PhD students and others who have expertise in the above mentioned topics.

Submission deadline: Previously unpublished articles are to be submitted online ( by September 15th 2019.

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