Chinese Philosophy at New England AAS

There will be a number of panels related to Chinese philosophy (and one explicitly on comparative philosophy) at the upcoming New England Region Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, to be held at Boston College on January 28-29, 2017. Details and registration information here; and read on for the panel information.

All events will take place in Gasson Hall
I-6 Panel (Saturday, 1/28, 9:00-10:40)
The Function of Chuchik (推測) in Choi Han-gi’s Epistemology
Hee-Whan Yun, Harvard-Yenching Institute
Mind and Thoughts: Understanding Wang Yangming’s Philosophy in a View of Idealism
Zhen Li, Peking University/Harvard-Yenching Institute
In the name of Dao: Chinese Mode of Thought on Grand Unity Reconsidered
Junda Lu, Minzu University of China

II-1 Panel (Saturday, 1/28, 10:50-12:30)
Sensescapes in Pre-modern China
Organizer: Ya Zuo, Bowdoin College
Navigating through Haptic Vision: Embodiment of the Space for the Dead in Middle-Period China
Jeehee Hong, McGill University
Embodying Dao: Synesthesia in Early and Medieval Daoist Texts, Images, and Practices
Gil Raz, Dartmouth College
The Problem of Perception: Zhang Zai’s Critique of the Senses
Ya Zuo, Bowdoin College

II-8 Panel (Saturday, 1/28, 10:50-12:30)
Mencius and Zhuangzi
Chair and Discussant: Sarah Queen, Connecticut College
“An Ancient Debate in Contemporary Taiwan: On Human Nature in Mencius”
Wei-Chun Hsiung, National Taiwan University
“A Walk in the Night with Zhuangzi, Singing Songs of the South”
Kuan-yun Huang, Tsing Hua University
“New Trend in the Commentaries on the Mengzi in the 18th to 19th Centuries of East Asia: Focusing on the Characteristics and the Meaning of a Rhetorically Oriented Exegeses in Korea, China, and Japan”
Min Jung You, University of Sungkyunkwan

IV-3 Panel (Saturday, 1/28, 16:30-18:30)
Authority and Authorship in Early Daoist Texts
Organizer: Sarah Queen, Connecticut College
Chair and Discussant: John Major, Independent Scholar
Modeling the Master in the Zhuangzi
Andrew Meyer, Brooklyn College
Models of Mystical Authority in the Zhuangzi
Sarah Queen, Connecticut College
Zhuangzi and Authorship
Heng Du, Harvard University
Laozi as an Authority in Huainanzi chapter 12
Larson DiFiori, Brown University

VI-5 Panel (Sunday 1/29, 10:50-12:50)
Comparative Philosophy
Organizer: David Johnson, Boston College
Existence as Expression: Imagining Buddhist Non-Essentialism for the Global Age
Gereon Kopf, Luther College
The Elucidation of Heidegger’s Concept of the Artwork in the Light of the Taoist Idea of the Necessity of the Unnecessary
Choong-Su Han, Seoul National University
Epictetus and Chuang Tzu on Death and Distinctions
Ryan Schwartz, Boston College

One thought on “Chinese Philosophy at New England AAS

  1. At they very same time as Panel IV-3, annoyingly, is a panel organized by my students: IV-1, “New Perspectives on Social Groups in East Asia through the Lens of Pre-Modern Law.” It’s more for historians than philosophers, but I think it will appeal to some of you. I’m copying from the program:

    “What Do the Zhangjiashan Texts Tell Us about Women in Early Imperial China?”
    Pattira Thaithosaeng, University of Pennsylvania

    “Punishment or Detainment: Prisons during the Northern Song Dynasty”
    Zachary Hershey, University of Pennsylvania

    “Buddhism in Western Xia Legal Texts: Towards a New Narrative”
    Petya Andreeva, University of Pennsylvania

    “Another Mirror of Southern Song Society: Religious Groups in the Qingming Ji”
    Xie Bo, University of Pennsylvania

    I will be the discussant (as soon as I figure out what to say).

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