Chinese Philosophy Jobs at National Taiwan University

Always good to see job ads in the field. No Confucianism or Daoism, however. All levels; must be able to teach in Mandarin; to begin February of 2011.

Department of Philosophy, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

Full-Time Faculty Positions

The Department of Philosophy at National Taiwan University invites applications for positions of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor. Appointments are effective from February 1, 2011.

Qualifications: Ph.D. in Philosophy or related field.

Specialization: Applications are preferred in either one of the following fields:

  1. Chinese Philosophy: Pre-Qin Philosophy (Yijing and Pre-Qin Schools, except for Confucianism and Daoism), Daoist Philosophy, Buddhist Philosophy (Chinese Mahayana Buddhism), Modern & Contemporary Chinese Philosophy.
  2. Western philosophy: Logic (including Philosophy of Language), Ethics (including Social and Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, Applied Ethics), Metaphysics (including Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical Anthropology).

Applicants must be capable of teaching in Mandarin and prepared to offer compulsory courses as well as advanced courses in their own specialized fields.

Application Documents:

(1)   Photocopy of Ph.D. diploma. Transcript of Ph.D. is required for positions of assistant professor.

(2)   Curriculum vitae.

(3)   Publication list.

(4)   Description of work experience and/or special honors (if any).

(5)   Statement of research fields and academic interests.

(6)   Syllabi of previously offered courses as well as of courses to be offered, including compulsory courses in the department (teaching experience preferable but not necessary).

(7)   Four copies of dissertation or other major publication (after October 2007) and other publications for reference (within 5 years, i.e. after February 2006).

(8)   Two letters of recommendation.

Deadline: All application materials should be received no later than May 31, 2010.

Mailing address:

Department of Philosophy,

National Taiwan University,

1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road,

Taipei, Taiwan, 106.

Tel: 886-2-33663399   Fax: 886-2-23636269


3 replies on “Chinese Philosophy Jobs at National Taiwan University”

  1. Hmm. Says “Daoist philosophy” right after it finishes saying no Daoism. Are they trying to make a daoist point in this ad? 道可道非常道? or better yet 道可教非常道! :)

  2. Brief Update: On the WSW listserve, where I got the original post, NTU’s Wim De Reu says, “…to elaborate a bit on the vacancy, we are looking for (as to the Chinese philosophy part) 2 people in Buddhism, 1 in modern and contemporary Chinese philosophy, 1 in Daoist philosophy, and 2 in Pre-Qin philosophy. The latter group can be anything except for Daoism and Confucianism (though as you can see the Yijing is singled out).”

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