Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy Spring Schedule

For the spring semester of 2013, the Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy presents the following schedule:

February 8 – Jonathan Gold (Princeton)
March 1 – Sandeep Sreekumar (Baruch College, CUNY)
March 22 – Andrew Lambert (Western New England University)
April 12 – Manyul Im (Fairfield University)
April 26 – Joerg Tuske (Salisbury University)

All meetings held at the Columbia University Department of Religion
5:45-7:45 pm
Rm. 101 in the Department of Religion, 80 Claremont Avenue

2 replies on “Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy Spring Schedule”

  1. Manyul, Andrew (and other scheduled presenters who might come across this question): any ideas on what you’ll be presenting?

    • Coincidentally — apropos David Elstein’s comment to Brian Bruya — I will be presenting a Velleman and Frankfurt inspired analysis of reflective selves and the ideal of spontaneity in early Confucianism. I’ll probably post some portion(s) of it here at some point.

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