Comparative Democratic Theory Workshop

A Comparative Democratic Theory Workshop will be held at Texas A&M University next Fall (October 11-12, 2013). I will list the scheduled participants below. If anyone is interested in more information, please contact the organizer, Prof. Diego von Vacano.


  • Will Kymicka, Queen’s, Canada (Race/ethnicity panel)
  • Nancy Rosenblum, Harvard (Religion panel)
  • Nadia Urbinati, Columbia (Representation panel)
  • Joshua Cohen, Stanford (Inequality panel)

Paper participants (by region):


  • Andrew March, Yale
  • Hassan Bashir, TAMU Qatar
  • Phil Gray of TAMU Qatar
  • [Nura Hossainzadeh (Berkeley) Iran]

Latin America:

  • Leonardo Avritzer, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Enrique Peruzzotti, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Diego von Vacano, TAMU, Bolivia


  • Lawrence Hamilton, Univ Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Ajume Wingo, Univ of Colorado Boulder, Cameroon


  • Leigh Jenco, LSE London (China)
  • SorHoon Tan, Singapore (China/Confucius/Dewey/PT)
  • Karuna Mantena, Yale (India)
  • [Peter Rutland (Wesleyan) Russia]

Wrap Up:

  • Michael Walzer, IAS

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