3 replies on “Concise Companion to Confucius”

  1. Steve Angle says:

    Congrats, Paul!

  2. Bill Haines says:

    And thanks!

    I’ve been looking over Thomas Radice’s essay in this book, “Confucius and Filial Piety,” and have found it very helpful.

  3. Yin Gao says:

    Dear Steve:
    This is Yin Gao from the University of Newcastle, Australia. I have been teaching Chinese philosophy in this institution for over 15 years. I am afraid I have a rather bad news. My school decided to abolish philosophy major:
    I wonder if you would announce the news here. My colleagues and I are dismayed by this decision. Currently, this proposed change is still under consultation. Any support from anyone would be much appreciated. They can send their comment to the following link:
    Ruth.Hartmann@newcastle.edu.au or email me at my email as listed here.
    UoN receive submission until the 20th Sept. That is, next Wednesday. However, any comment after this date would still means a lot to us.

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