10th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought (Program)

10th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought

co-sponsored by the Philosophy Department

at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

April 25th-26th, 2014

Conference Program

Friday, April 25th

3:00-3:30:  Opening Tea and Coffee

3:30-5:30:  Panel 1:  Cultivating Energies and Emotions in Chinese Traditions

Paul Fischer, Western Kentucky University, “The Role of Human qi in Confucian Thought before Mengzi.”

Robin Wang, Loyola Marymount University, “The Epistemological Meanings of Anger: A Dialogue between Feminism and Early Chinese Texts.”

Yinghua Lu, Graduate Student, Southern Illinois University: “Respect and the Confucian Idea of Li (Ritual Propriety).”

Brian Hoffert, North Central College, “Wisdom and Compassion: A Solution to the Dilemma of Chinese Buddhist Ethics.”


Saturday, April 26th

9:00-10:30:  Panel 2:  Moral Ideals in Early Confucian Thought

Joshua Brown, University of Dayton, “Sonship and the Junzi: Filiality as Moral Hermeneutic in Early Confucianism.”

Jifen Li, Graduate Student, Nanyang Technological University and DePaul University, “An Account of Virtuous Human Being in Xunzi’s liyi.

Aaron Stalnaker, Indiana University, “Xunzi’s Vision of Rule by the Wise.”


10:30-10:45:  Break


10:45-12:45:  Panel 3:  Ritual and Ethical Dimensions of Confucianism

Huaiyu Wang, Georgia College and State University, “The Enchantment of Ritual and the Heart of Confucianism.”

Michael Ing, Indiana University, “The Harmony Thesis and the Invulnerability of Integrity.”

Andrew Lambert, Western New England University, “Early Confucian Thought and Care Ethics: An Amicable Split?”


12:45-2:30:  Lunch Break


2:30-4:00:  Panel 4:  Perspectives on Dao

Franklin Perkins, DePaul University, “The Laozi in Context: Debates on Cosmogony and Action in the Late 4th Century BCE.”

Stephen Walker, Graduate Student, University of Chicago,  “Three Models of dao in the Zhuangzi.”

Scott Brackenridge, Long Island University, “Guo Xiang’s Zhuangzi Commentary and qingtan Institutional Ideology.”


4:00-4:15:  Break


4:15-5:45:  Keynote Address and SIU Philosophy Department Leys Lecture

Kai-wing Chow, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“Ethics and Society: The Revival of Confucianism in Contemporary China.”


6:00 Dinner


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  1. Looks terrific — I wish I was able to attend. I hope that someone will be able to post some sort of summary of the conference here on the blog.

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