Conference: Cultures of Ancient Science

Cultures of Ancient Science
Friday, March 15 2013 – Sunday, March 17 2013
University College London

This conference will bring together the leading international scholars of the history science of many ancient cultures to discuss the content and methodology of the study of ancient science and prospects for future research. The scope here is important and unique. While there are conferences on the science of individual ancient cultures, there are not conferences on ancient science across many cultures.


  • Prof. Geoffrey Lloyd, University of Cambridge, Chinese Science
  • Prof. Martin Bernal, Cornell, Greek Science
  • Prof. Heinrich von Staden, Princeton, Greek Science
  • Prof. Francesca Rochberg, Berkeley, Babylonian Astral Sciences
  • Prof. Nathan Sivin, Penn State, Chinese Science
  • Dr. Alexandra von Lieven, Freie Universitat Berlin, Egyptian Science
  • Dr. Eleanor Robson, University of Cambridge, Babylonian Science
  • Prof. Charles Burnett, Warburg Institute, Early Islamic/ Arabic Science
  • Prof. Vivian Nutton, University College London, Ancient Medicine
  • Dr. Serafina Cuomo, Birkbeck College London, Roman Science and Technology
  • Prof. Sacha Stern, University College London, Ancient Jewish Science

For more information, see this webpage.

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