Conference, Organization, and Journal: Comparing China and the West

Bringing the Disciplines Together

The International Association for Comparative Study of China and the West (IACSCW) invites proposals for presentations at its conference to be held in Beijing at Peking University from 12 to 14 July 2013. Its primary purpose is to bring together from all over the world individuals and organizations with an ongoing interest in comparing China and the West.

Our title opens broadly to include cultural comparisons involving one or many disciplines. In particular, we want to bring together researchers with practitioners in the interest of developing new approaches to comparative studies in teaching, theory, analysis, and cultural production. Proposals for presentations are welcome from researchers in any area involving China and the West, whether academic, governmental, or corporate.
The plenary speakers will be internationally prominent scholars including Professors Tang Yijie (PKU), Tu Weiming (Harvard/PKU), Jean Bessiere (Paris III), Roger Ames (Hawaii), Henry Rosemont, Jr. (Brown), and Daniel A. Bell (Tsinghua & Jiaotong).

Suggested range of topics:

  • Comparative Culturology
  • Problems of Translation (in either direction) and Culture Studies
  • Cultural Production: today, yesterday and tomorrow
  • Theoretical issues on comparing cultures and/or civilizations.
  • Disciplinary debates, humanities and social sciences: China and the West
  • Comparative Literary Relations
  • Comparative studies of arts / dramas / films
  • Comparative studies of politics and laws
  • Overseas Sinology
  • Comparative studies courses: pedagogical practice and theory
  • Bi-national concerns: China and particular Western nations
  • Contemporary issues: economics versus ecology
  • Testing models for cross-cultural comparisons
  • Cultural domains that resist comparison
  • Funding cultural experimentation and exchange

The languages of the Association are English and Chinese. English will be used for most conference presentations, with simultaneous interpretation provided for plenary addresses. Some panels, by prior arrangement, may take place in Chinese.

Proposals are welcome from individuals (300 words maximum) or panels involving at least three presenters (identifying the proposed Chairperson). Proposals must include an English version but may also include Chinese. Proposals should be submitted by using the application form from the conference website under

The relevant form can be found under Conference > Application. After filling out this two-page form using the free Adobe Reader, please email it to the organizers using the envelope icon or scan to a digital copy to submit by email to

The provisional deadline for submissions is 15 January 2013. Proposals received after that date cannot be assured of equal treatment. The organizers intend to issue their response by late February 2013. Those who are invited to present will be notified in timely fashion of recommended hotel accommodations so that they may make their own bookings and travel arrangements.

The conference expects to charge a modest registration fee to cover meals and activities. The figure cannot be announced until closer to the conference dates.

Excellent papers presented at the conference will be selected for submission to European Journals which are indexed by Scopus, SCI or EI. The Association will distribute at the conference the first issue of its own journal: COMPARATIVE STUDIES OF CHINA AND THE WEST.

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