CFP: Conferences on Virtue in Chinese Philosophy

An announcement on behalf of Robin Wang…

International Conference on De德(Virtue) in Chinese Philosophy

国际学术研讨会(2014,6月15-17 & 2015, 3月25-27)

In order to promote a deeper understanding of philosophy and culture among civilizations and encourage further professional and cultural exchanges between China and Europe we will hold the conference on virtues in Thessaloniki, Greece, and Venice, Italy.


Place 地点 & 日期Date

1) 希腊 塞萨洛尼基 (2014, 6月15-17)

亚里士多德大学 (Department of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Themes 主题:幸福与德 (Happiness and Virtues)

2) Venice Italy 意大利威尼斯 (2015, 3月25-27)

威尼斯大学 Department of Asian and North African Studies, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Themes 主题:美与德 (Beauty and Virtues)

学者 Scholars

Keynote Speaker: 安乐哲 (Roger Ames)

It is open to all scholars in China/world. However the space is limited please send in 150 words abstract for the committee to consider no later than January 10, 2014.



The space is limited. Send your abstract and affiliation information to: 网上报名

Conference Fee: $150 including three lunch/dinners, conference program, translations and other conference related expenses。(Conference languages: English, Chinese and Greek)


总召集人:Chief Coordinator: Robin R Wang王蓉蓉:

中方会议筹备处: China Qufu Normal University曲阜师范大学招办:


希腊:(Greece): Elena Avramidou,

Eleni Kalokairinou  Aristotle University, e-mail:

意大利 (Italy): Attilio Andreini,

Travel agent for all logistics

旅行社 机票,旅游总安排

Ms. Pella KARPATHIOTAKI, e-mail:

Information regarding Visa issue (for non-US passport): 签证信息

Each of the participants will receive the invitation letter from Thessaloniki University. 希腊亚里士多德大学会给与会学者发邀请信

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