Podcast: Confucianism on Hierarchy and Equality

Julian Baggini hosts a podcast looking at Confucian perspectives on the relationship and tensions between hierarchy and equality. Julian’s guests are Stephen C. Angle, Joseph C.W. ChanMichael Puett, and Justin Tiwald. Produced in association with the Berggruen Philosophy and Culture Centre.

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2 replies on “Podcast: Confucianism on Hierarchy and Equality”

  1. This looks great so I hope my comment will be taken as constructive. It seems like a missed opportunity to have a discussion of equality and not include any women discussants.

    • Hi Amy — excellent point! At the workshop where this podcast was recorded, there were several female participants, and I believe that some (maybe all) of them also took part in similar, small conversations with Julian, which I expect he’ll release over time. (This one was the second on hierarchy and equality, but the first didn’t deal so much with Chinese philosophy and so I didn’t note it here.) More info on the workshop, including a picture of all participants, is here: http://philosophyandculture.berggruen.org/activities/90.

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