Angle and Tiwald, Neo-Confucianism: A Philosophical Introduction

Very happy to be able to point to a concrete sign that Justin Tiwald’s and my book, Neo-Confucianism: A Philosophical Introduction, will be published this coming spring. The Polity website says so! Later this fall, the book’s companion website will go live, and I will share information about that here.

In th074566248xe meantime, here is a sneak preview of the Table of Contents (which isn’t currently available on the Polity website):

1 Introduction
2 Pattern and Vital Stuff
3 Nature
4 Heartmind
5 Emotions
6 Knowing
7 Self-Cultivation
8 Virtues
9 Governance and Institutions
10 The Enduring Significance of Neo-Confucianism

4 replies on “Angle and Tiwald, Neo-Confucianism: A Philosophical Introduction”

  1. Congratulations, Steve and Justin! This has been a long awaited volume, which I’m sure will exert a great impact on the study of neo-Confucianism in the Enlgish speaking world.

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