Confucius China Study Plan: Significant Fellowship Opportunity

As I understand it, this new program has the potential to provide foreign Ph.D. students studying in China with up to RMB 200,000 per year for six years; and their are other dimensions of the program as well. Some information is below, and on the linked websites. Anyone with specific additional information, please share in the comments. Note that students applying from universities with affiliated Confucius Institutes will apparently receive priority.


Confucius China Study Plan(Trial Version)


In order to foster deep understanding of China and the Chinese culture among young elites from around the world, enable the prosperous growth of China studies, promote the sustainable development of Confucius Institutes, and enhance the friendly relationship between China and the people of other countries, the Confucius Institute Headquarters (the Headquarters) has set up the “Confucius China Study Plan”.

一、项目内容I.  Content

本计划以6个项目为支撑 (2012年,孔子新汉学计划首先实施“中外合作培养博士项目”及“来华攻读博士学位项目。),主要通过课题研究等方式资助,专业领域为人文学科和社会科学。

The Plan consists of six subprograms.(2012:Sino-foreign Joint Ph.D. Subprogram+ Ph. D. in China Subprogram) The majority of financial support is provided through support of specific research and other projects on designated academic areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.


1). Sino-foreign Joint Ph.D. Subprogram: sponsor newly registered or current Ph. D. students from a foreign university to pursue 1-2 years of studies in a Chinese university. Students who successfully complete the program will receive their Ph. D. degree either from the foreign university or from both Chinese and foreign universities simultaneously. In general, eligible candidates should be under forty and their HSK test score no less than level 3.

2. 来华攻读博士学位项目:资助外国学生来华攻读博士学位。年龄一般在40岁以下,汉语水平考试(HSK)须达到5级。

2). Ph. D. in China Subprogram: sponsor foreign students to pursue Ph. D. degree at a Chinese university. In general, eligible candidates should be under forty and their HSK test score no less than level 5.


According to their study plan, students who participate in the above two subprograms may choose their specific research topics and Chinese supervisors (lists attached) in Chinese universities that are designated by the Headquarters.


二、申请资格   II. Qualification Requirements

• 非中国国籍。•Non-Chinese nationality

• 身体健康。• In good health condition

• 具备必要的汉语交际能力,同等条件下汉语水平优异者优先。

•Have necessary Chinese communication competence. Candidates of outstanding Chinese proficiency will be given priority over other competitors of similar qualifications.

• 孔子学院所在大学或孔子学院学员优先。

• Students registered at Confucius Institute or applicants from universities that host a Confucius Institute will have priority in application and admission.


•Applicants who are currently participating in Chinese Government Scholarship are not eligible to apply for this Plan.


三、申请办法III. Application Methods


1. Applicants shall log in to download and fill in the Application Form. Furthermore, the specific requirements for each subprogram are:


Sino-Foreign Joint Ph.D. Subprogram: Applicants shall submit their Ph.D. study certificate, 1 recommendation letter from the Confucius Institute in host countries, 2 recommendation letters from relevant experts, and the HSK transcript or the equivalent transcript from the Confucius Institute.


Ph.D. in China Subprogram: Applicants shall submit one copy of notarized Academic Record of undergraduate and postgraduate education, Degree Certificate and their Chinese versions respectively, 1 recommendation letter from the Confucius Institute in host countries, 2 recommendation letters from relevant experts, and the HSK transcript or the equivalent transcript from the Confucius Institute.


2. Applicants for Sino-Foreign Joint Ph.D. Subprogram and Ph.D. in China Subprogram should submit their applications to the Confucius Institute Headquarters by November 30th, 2012. The application materials should include the Chinese versions. The Headquarters will organize the “Confucius China Study Plan” Expert Committee to conduct the appraisal and interview. The result of appraisal will be announced in the spring of 2013. The first batch of candidates will start their programs from the autumn of 2013. The starting and termination time of other subprograms will be determined in accordance to their specific situation.


四、经费资助IV. Scope of Subsidies


The subsidies for the Sino-Foreign Joint Ph.D. Subprogram, Ph.D. in China Subprogram and the “Understanding China” visiting scholar subprogram may include: in China research fund, tuition, lodging and living stipend, library stipend, in-China health and accident insurance, as well as expenditures for attending academic conference in related areas (one time per year), round-trip international transportation, and other living and work condition support provided by the Chinese and/or oversea universities hosting the program. Please log on for information about specific amount of subsidies. For short-term program of less than one year, subsidies will be provided in accordance to the practical needs. Subsidy for publishing and international conference will be appraised and decided by the “Confucius China Study Plan” Expert Committee, based on actual needs.



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