CSCP Lecture: Davis on Attention, 10/6/17



Jake Davis (New York University)

With a response from:

Katja Vogt (Columbia University)

Please join on us at Columbia University’s Religion Department on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6th at 5:30 PM for his lecture entitled:

“Is There a Global Norm in Favor of Global Attentiveness?”

In this paper, I propose a normative epistemic value in favor of a kind of quiet, responsive attentiveness that is global, rather than focused on a particular narrow scope of perceptual or conceptual content. I motivate the argument for the existence of such a norm by drawing on a range of global philosophical traditions, including Buddhist concepts of mindfulness as well as new research on Chinese, Polynesian, and ancient Greek traditions. These suggest conceptions of epistemic justification that take a global state of attentiveness as the unit of normative evaluation rather than individual justified true beliefs. Within this, I delineate a range of possible positions and assess what it would take to argue for each.

Friday, October 6th

5:30-7:30 PM

Rm. 101, 80 Claremont Ave., Columbia University

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