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Dao of Football Coaching

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Friend of the blog, Mark Saltveit writes:

I’m about to publish a major book called “The Tao of Chip Kelly: Lessons from America’s Most Successful Coach”, about the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  One of the chapters explores how Kelly’s football coaching and management style is, in my opinion, “a near-perfect implementation of Taoist principles,” though I have no reason to believe Coach Kelly has ever heard of Zhuangzi.  To me, he’s Butcher Ding discovering (reinventing?) Tao through attentive immersion in his craft.

The book is written for a popular audience, but if anyone is interested in reading the chapter on Tao (3,300 words) and offering thoughts, please email me mark saltveit at gmail, no spaces. I don’t think I should post it publicly.  For that matter, anyone interested in reading the whole thing is welcome to a near-final PDF (111 pages).

marksaltveit@gmail,.com – (503) 997-1963 – @taoish

“The Tao of Chip Kelly:  Lessons from America’s Most Successful Coach” (Portland: Palindromist Press) will be released June 22, 2013.  More details at www.thetaoofchipkelly.com

Author: Manyul Im

University of Bridgeport

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