Digital Bibliography of Chinese Buddhism 中國佛教電子書目

Especially given the great importance of Buddhist discourse in the 19th and 20th centuries to modern Chinese thought more broadly, this resource looks to be very valuable!

From: “Gregory Adam Scott” <>

I am very pleased to announce the public opening of the online search interface to my Digital Bibliography of Chinese Buddhism 中國佛教電子書目.

The bibliography contains 2,273 entries on Chinese-language Buddhist publications dating from 1860 to the 1950s. Information has been sourced from print bibliographies, online catalogues, and first-hand bibliographic research. Each item page includes research links to related resources such as WorldCat, the MFQ(B) article database, and the DDBC Person Authority. Entries can be searched by keyword and the results filtered by publication date. Although other online bibliographies on this topic exist, I hope my contribution will be significant for the thoroughness of its citations and editing, and its links to other useful digital resources.

The project has been ongoing for some time, but at present it has reached a stage of maturity where I believe it would be useful to scholars interested in Modern Chinese Buddhism and the history of print culture in modern East Asia. In the future, I will continue to expand and refine the bibliography, and the data and interface script will always be made freely available under a Creative Commons license. The public domain status of the original bibliographic data is, of course, unaffected, but scholars are free to adapt any creative input from me under the terms of the license.

Any suggestions, contributions, and critiques are welcomed. The bibliography forms part of my forthcoming dissertation, which will contain a short essay discussing the compilation and organization of the resource.


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