Do Nothing, Blue!

Manyul and I both received our PhDs from the University of Michigan, so I must call attention to Sam Crane’s blog post concerning UM basketball player Jon Horford’s fascination with the Dao De Jing. Michigan plays for the National Championship on Monday night; as Sam says, Do Nothing Blue — and there is nothing that will be undone!

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  1. Manyul Im says:

    In the story that Sam cites, there’s no mention of this having been the result of a course that Horford took. Perhaps it is a case of not teaching yet the students reading everything. Intellectual curiosity is hard to find in students; kudos to Horford!

  2. Thanks! I posted about this over at Taoish, too (and stole your title). We have a whole category about sports; I’m working on a longish piece about the Dao of Chip Kelly’s coaching.

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