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Early China 35-36 (2012-2013) is now in print. This very special mega-volume is dedicated to Li Xueqin and guest-edited by Xing Wen. It includes interviews with Li Xueqin by Sarah Allan and Wang Tao; articles by David Keightley, Constance Cook, Xing Wen, Shu CHEN, Harold Roth, Donald Harper, Jeffrey Riegel, Crispin Williams, Yau Shun-chiu, Robin Yates, Marc Kalinowski, Michael Loewe, and Helen Wang; a review by Moss Roberts; and the usual Shigaku zasshi translations and annual bibliography. (Details below)

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Sarah Allan,

Editor, Early China

EARLY CHINA 35-36 (2012-13)

Dedicated to Li Xueqin on the occasion of his eightieth birthday Guest editor: XING Wen


The Life of a Chinese Historian in Tumultuous Times: Interviews with Li Xueqin, by  Sarah Allan and WANG Tao

The Period V Ritual Postface: Prospective or Retrospective, by David N. Keightley

Sage King Yu 禹and the Bin Gong Xu 豳公盨, by Constance A. Cook

The Sui Gong Xu 隨公盨 Inscription: A Contextual Reconstruction and Translation, by Xing Wen, translated by CHEN Shu

Collected Interpretations of the X Gong Xu, by CHEN Shu

The Classical Daoist Concept of Li 理 (Pattern) and Early Chinese Cosmology, by Harold D. Roth

The Cultural History of the Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) in Early China, by Donald Harper

Curing the Incurable, by Jeffrey Riegel

Dating the Houma Covenant Texts: The Significance of Recent Findings from the Wenxian Covenant Texts, by Crispin Williams

The Political Implications of the Minority Policy in the Qin Law, by YAU Shun-chiu

The Qin Slips and Boards from Well No. 1, Liye, Hunan: A Brief Introduction to the Qin Qianling County Archives, by Robin D. S. Yates

The Notion of “Shi 式” and Some Related Terms in Qin-Han Calendrical Astrology, by Marc Kalinowski

Han Yuandi, reigned 48 to 33 B.C.E., and his Advisors, by Michael Loewe

A Short History of Chinese Numismatics in European Languages, by Helen Wang

Review of Mozi: A Complete Translation, by Moss Roberts

Shigaku Zasshi Summary of Japanese scholarship for 2010, trans. by Eno Compton IV

Annual Bibliography, Dissertation Abstracts, compiled by Margaret Wee Siang Ng

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