ECNU’s English-Language MA and PhD Programs

From Paul D’Ambrosio:

East China Normal University’s English Language MA and PhD programs are up and running. Last year top students in English language graduate programs at ECNU were accepted to do their PhDs in the history department at McGill and in anthropology at Harvard. 

We currently have six spots open for next year. Each student is strongly encouraged to apply for the Chinese Scholarship Counsel scholarship, which awards free tuition, housing, and a 3,000rmb per month stipend. 100% of our English language (and Chinese language) foreign graduate students have been offered this scholarship to date.

Through the Simian Institute of Modern Chinese Thought and Culture we are also able to offer translation grants to students with exceptional Chinese language skills. Editing grants are also available to native English speakers. 

Our program differentiates itself by 1) including at least one seminar per semester with a visiting professor, we have contracts with today’s best comparative philosophers, including, Roger Ames, Graham Parkes, Robin Wang, Stephen Angle, Edward Slingerland, Hans-Georg Moeller, Geir Sigurðsson, Franklin Perkins, and others. And we frequently invite these speakers, and others, for lectures or workshops. 2) Our courses are also a mix of Chinese and foreign students–though geared mainly towards the interests of the latter. 3) Elective courses are designed according to our students’ interests as well. Next semester we will be offering Classical Chinese II, Wei-Jin Xuanxue (Neo-Daoism), Neo-Confucianism, and Ethics East and West. Next fall, in addition to the core courses, we will be offering Classical Chinese III, Legalism, Mohism, and 1-2 more courses TBD. 

Interested applicants are encouraged to email me:

The application itself is here.

No background in philosophy is required.

No knowledge of Chinese language is expected.

Dr. Paul J. D’Ambrosio
Dean of the Center for Intercultural Research
Fellow of the Simian Institute of Modern Chinese Thought and Culture
Assistant Professor in Chinese Philosophy
East China Normal University
Shanghai, Minhang District
500 Dongchuan road
Cell Phone: (86) 13061988380


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