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New Email Subscription Option


For those of you who may have been unceremoniously dropped from your email subscriptions (to new post notifications) when our site underwent a “routine” update a couple of months ago, we have added a different — and more convenient, by Postmatic’s own advertising — subscription service from  on the far right menu.

One of the new features that I haven’t tested yet is the ability to comment directly from the email in which the post is sent. I guess we will find out soon enough.

Sign up if you like emailed updates!

Author: Manyul Im

University of Bridgeport


  1. I’m replying to my post by replying directly to the emailed notification of the post. That’s some kind of magic.

  2. Hey Manyul,

    Magic indeed! Let me know if you have any questions. I hope Postmatic works well for fostering solid conversations on your site.

    By the way – you have one-to-many comment notifications still enabled on your site. View it while logged out to see what I mean.

    We have a new release coming tomorrow which will make these notifications look even better. I hope you like it!


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