End-of-term report on “Living a Good Life”

My colleagues Tushar Iriani, Steven Horst, and I have a post at the Daily Nous site about our experience teaching a new “Philosophy as a Way of Life” course that centrally features students doing structured philosophical exercises associated with each of the four main schools we covered (Confucianism, Aristotelianism, Daoism, and Stoicism). The course website itself is here; each of the “Live Like a ______” weeks are linked from here. Comments or questions either here or at Daily Nous most welcome!

2 thoughts on “End-of-term report on “Living a Good Life”

  1. Fantastic! I’ll learn all of these, and think about how to turn my “Eastern Religions” course into modules on “How to Live as a Hindu, Buddhist, Ru or Daoist” one after another. I am curious if all philosophy courses conducted as such or in the same spirit, shall we still need religions? .)

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