English-based MA program in Chinese Philosophy at Fudan University

MA and Visiting Student Programs in Chinese Philosophy With Courses Offered in English, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

These programs are aimed to offer opportunities of learning Chinese and studying Chinese philosophy to overseas postgraduates or college juniors and seniors who have not yet been able to master the Chinese language. In addition to Chinese language classes, these programs offer courses on Chinese philosophy as well as other related courses in English at Fudan University. Fudan University is a leading institution of higher education in China, and is experienced with and renowned for educating overseas students. The School of Philosophy at Fudan is a top philosophy program in China. The university is located in Shanghai, the most dynamic city in China that belongs to a region that is rich in Chinese traditions and cultures. It has been 11 years since these programs were launched in 2011, and 112 students have been enrolled in either the M.A. program (87 students) and the visiting student program (18 students). They are from 37 countries (the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Australia, the U.K., Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, and Gambia, with student from North America and Europe forming the majority of the student body), and many of them are top students in their classes, majoring in philosophy, classics, and/or East Asian or Chinese studies. The above facts make these programs simply the most successful of their kind (English-based post-graduate programs in Chinese philosophy) in mainland China.

M.A. Program: a two-year degree program, 36 credits (with 4 credits for 2 courses in Chinese Language) and a master thesis.
Visiting Student Program: a one-year program, 3-4 major courses, and 1-2 courses of Chinese, a certificate to be offered upon the completion.
Audit Program: individual-course-based program.

Tuition and Living Expenses: RMB 50,000 a year for tuition; on-campus housing: RMB 2,500 or so/month; meals at an on-campus dining facility: RMB 1,000 or so/month.

Scholarships and part-time jobs abundantly available.

Application Deadlines: March 19 (for scholarships) and May 1 (for admission).

For Further Information: https://iso.fudan.edu.cn/isoenglish/wnglishwtaughtwwrograms/list.htm and then click on “Master Program in Chinese Philosophy and Culture.pdf”
Or write to Mr. YU, Mingzhi (yumingzhi@fudan.edu.cn), Ms. PAN, Sisi (pansisi@fudan.edu.cn), and Prof. BAI, Tongdong baitongdong@fudan.edu.cn

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