Forthcoming Book: Michael Sandel and Chinese Philosophy

Michael Sandel and Paul D’Ambrosio have edited a book on Chinese philosophy titled “Encountering China: Michael Sandel and Chinese Philosophy” that will come out on Harvard University Press in early January 2018. A flyer with more information is available here, and the Table of Contents follows.

Foreword: China’s Encounter with Michael Sandel: Evan Osnos

I. Justice, Harmony, and Community

1. Community without Harmony? A Confucian Critique of Michael Sandel–Chenyang Li

2. Individual, Family, Community, and Beyond: Some Confucian Reflections on Themes in Sandel’s Justice–Tongdong Bai

3. Justice as a Virtue, Justice according to Virtues, and/or Justice of Virtues: A Confucian Amendment to Michael Sandel’s Idea of Justice–Yong Huang

II. Civic Virtue and Moral Education

4. Sandel’s Ideas on Civic Virtue–Zhu Huiling

5. Sandel’s Democracy’s Discontent from a Confucian Perspective–Chen Lai

III. Pluralism and Perfection: Sandel and the Daoist Tradition

6. Gender, Moral Disagreements, and Freedom: Sandel’s Politics of Common Good in Chinese Contexts–Robin R. Wang

7. Satisfaction, Genuine Pretending, and Perfection: Sandel’s The Case against Perfection and Daoism–Paul J. D’Ambrosio

IV. Conceptions of the Person: Sandel and the Confucian Tradition

8. Theorizing the “Person” in Confucian Ethics–Roger T. Ames

9. How to Think about Morality without Moral Agents–Henry Rosemont Jr.

10. A Sandelian Response to Confucian Role Ethics:–Paul J. D’Ambrosio

V. Reply by Michael Sandel

11. Learning from Chinese Philosophy–Michael J. Sandel

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