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Any oriental women philosophers?

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    Hello, I am looking for philosophy written by women between the 5th and 15th ceunturies. I’m Spanish and I keep a feminist blog about medieval women philosophers – ciudaddelasdamasblog.wordpress.com . I want to extend my area of research to Asia and the Middle East but I have no idea how to find new authors. I don’t know any books, sites, articles or studies on the subject. I can read Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian and English. If you have any ideas please comment. Thank you so much!

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    Theodore Brooks

    I believe, someone correct me please if they know better, that the largest anthology of Chinese women writers in English that covers that period is The Red Brush: Writing Women of Imperial China ed. Wilt L. Idema & Beata Grant, 2004. I haven’t read it so exactly how much philosophy is in there I don’t know.

    A little early but there is an English study of Ban Zhao (45–116); Dennis Swann Pan Chao: Foremost Woman Scholar of China, 1932.

    However for the medieval period I have a hunch that there will be few Confucian female thinkers (?). Though perhaps there are, like in early modern Europe, important letter writers and correspondences I am entirely unaware of. I Would myself be looking more into Daoist and Buddhist writings.

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    Theodore Brooks

    The contents of The Red Brush can be found here: http://digital.wustl.edu/redbrush/browse.html

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    Theodore Brooks

    Heian period Japan (794-1185) produced very important women writers such as Murasaki Shikibu, Sei Shōnagon, and Izumi Shikibu. Although they didn’t write philosophy their works are central to Japanese aesthetics.

    Long tradition of writing Buddhist nuns, but coming across mostly poetry, anyone know of a philosophically interesting essay or commentary by a medieval nun?

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    Theodore Brooks

    Correction: Nancy Lee Swann wrote Pan Chao: Foremost Woman Scholar of China.

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    Paul R. Goldin

    We try to avoid using the word “Oriental.” There’s nothing good about it.

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    Justin Tiwald

    Check out Under Confucian Eyes, edited by Susan Mann and Yu-Yin Cheng, and Sungmoon Kim’s “The Way to Become a Female Sage: Im Yunjidang’s Confucian Feminism” in the Journal of the History of Ideas 75 (2014).

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    Jingcai Ying
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