TOC: Frontiers of Philosophy in China 11:3

Frontiers of Philosophy in China Vol.11, No.3, 2016

Table of Contents

Retrieving Phenomenology: Introduction to the Special Theme, Eric S. Nelson


Many Healths: Nietzsche and Phenomenologies of Illness, Welsh Talia

Max Scheler’s Phenomenology of Pain, Saulius Geniusas

A Diltheyan Loop? The Methodological Side of Heidegger’s Kant-Interpretation, Frank Schalow

The Invisible and the Secret: Of a Phenomenology of the Inapparent, François Raffoul

Heidegger’s Conception of Being-with (Mitsein ) and His Simple Designation of Social and Political Reality in the Black Notebooks, JIN Xiping

Reason and Besinnung: Heidegger’s Reflections on Science in Contributions to Philosophy, KE Xiaogang

Heidegger on the Struggle for Belongingness and Being at Home, Megan Altman

The Ethics of Treating Animals as Resources: A Post-Heideggerian Approach, Tara Kennedy

On Pillowing One’s Skull: Zhuangzi and Heidegger on Death, David Chai

Tianming and the Other: Rethinking the Source of Responsibility in the Zhong Yong and Emmanuel Levinas, Sai Hang Kwok

Wei ZHANG, What Is Enlightenment: Can China Answer Kant’s Question? (reviewed by Roberto Villsante)

Joseph Adler, Reconstructing the Confucian Dao: Zhu Xi’s Appropriation of Zhou Dunyi (reviewed by Kirill Ole Thompson)


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