2nd Greater China Chinese Studies Program

The 2nd Greater China Chinese Studies Program, organized by the Hong Kong-based Sinological Development Charitable Foundation, has been announced for this summer. Information is available on this pamphlet. The 4-week program takes place in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Beijing and covers a wide range of topics related to Chinese philosophy and culture. A limited number of participants are eligible for sponsorship, meaning that all costs save travel to/from Hong Kong will be covered.

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  1. Chinese Studies program by the SDCF is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to further his academic pursuits and broaden engagement with Chinese culture. I was a participant in Summer 2016 and profited greatly from the experience.
    Most sessions are conducted by qualified teachers and covers a great deal of Chinese civilization. Besides academic inputs, you have the opportunity to live and interact with Chinese society at different locations.
    Next, you get a chance to meet junior scholars and advanced students from other countries, and that makes program a lot more interesting and educating.
    The whole program blends philosophy, religion and culture well and provides space to learn along with other scholars in Chinese Studies.

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