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On Sunday, we’ll welcome my first guest blogger, Dan Robins. Dan is a good friend and will post for a week or two; I’ll still be around, commenting and occasionally posting as well.

Some information: Dan is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. He recently replaced the retired, distinguished scholar of Chinese philosophy, Joanne Birdwhistell. Chad Hansen was Dan’s thesis advisor at the University of Hong Kong where Dan received his Ph.D. Among other things, Dan is working on a great, much more accurate and sophisticated reading of Mozi (Mo Tzu) and Mohism than the traditional reading. I also know (first hand) that he’s a lover of good Scotch.

(Not only is Dan a friend, but recently we realized that by “school” lineage, he’s my nephew: Chad Hansen’s Ph.D. thesis advisor was also my advisor, Donald Munro, making Chad my elder brother, so… Okay, that’s all too Confucian for anyone’s tastes, so I’ll stop.)

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  1. Great! I’ve just been following some of Dan’s work recently and look forward to seeing what we can discuss here. Dan, as a spur to posting: I know nothing about this Mozi project, and would love to hear more!

  2. Stephen, thanks for the kind words. We’ll see what I come up with; I’m definitely hoping to put something up about the Mohists.

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