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Holloway Book and Video

Ken Holloway’s new book, The Quest for Ecstatic Morality in Early China, has been published by Oxford. He writes that:

This book is an analysis of religion in the Guodian manuscript the “Xing zi mingchu” 性自命出. In the Appendix, I provide an annotated translation and Chinese edition of the text. When I was in Beijing shortly after I finished writing the manuscript, I made a short movie of an exhibit of a copy of the “Xing zi mingchu” in the Confucian Temple in Beijing.

The movie should now be available via the Oxford blog: http://blog.oup.com/2013/05/antiquity-perceptions-chinese-culture/; enjoy! And congratulations, Ken.

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  1. Bill Haines says:

    A Question Board thread beginning on June 4 with the idea that emotion is often unimportant to ritual, gets around to touching on Ken Holloway’s book by June 10.

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