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New Group Blog of Indian Philosophy Launched

Friend of the blog, Amod Lele, and a group of Indian Philosophy scholars have launched The Indian Philosophy Blog. We welcome it to the comparative philosophy blogosphere!

The list of contributors includes: Douglas Berger, Jason Birch, Daniele Cuneo, Matthew Dasti, Aleix Ruiz Falqués, Elisa Freschi, Elon Goldstein, Stephen Harris, Amod Lele, Ethan Mills, Andrew Ollett, Shyam Ranganathan, Agnieszka Rostalska, Justin Whitaker, and Mike Williams.

January 8th, 2014 Posted by | Comparative philosophy, Indian Philosophy | one comment

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  1. Amod Lele says:

    Thanks very much for the shout-out, Manyul. We’re pretty excited! There is a great and currently active discussion thread going on right now at http://indianphilosophyblog.org/2014/01/03/indian-philosophy-in-one-paragraph/ which raises issues of periodization that I think would be of interest to Chinese philosophers as well.

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