Interest in Panel on Confucian-Buddhist Historiography?

Keith Knapp passes on the following request:

Tanya Storch, Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of the Pacific, would like to get in touch with someone who would be interested in writing and submitting a proposal for the AAR on Confucian-Buddhist Sense of Human History (both personal and communal): Comparative Approach. She has been working on various issues pertaining to Buddhist historiography for quite a number of years and can produce such a paper easily. She can also find a colleague who will produce a paper on the Buddhist side of things rather easily. They are now interested in finding a few scholars of Confucianism who might be interested in doing this comparative panel. If you are interested in doing a paper on a Confucian sense of Human History and are interested in our panel, they would greatly appreciate your contacting them:

Tanya Storch, Ph.D.
Professor of Buddhist Studies
University of the Pacific

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