ISCP session at the 2021 APA Central Division meeting!

Xiaomei Yang writes on behalf of ISCP Executive Director Ann Pang-White:
The APA Central Division meeting will be held virtually on February 22-27 due to the coronavirus pandemic.  ISCP has sponsored a great session on Feb. 27 (see below).  We had three very successful sessions at APA Eastern Division Meeting. We encourage you to support ISCP session at the Central Division Meeting with equal enthusiasm.  The executive team would also like to thank Dr. Jing HU, ISCP liaison to the Central Division, for her excellent effort in organizing the session.
To register for the conference:
To view the whole meeting program:
Attached below are a list of the speakers from ISCP section on the program:

Topic: Worries, Empathy, Dialogue, and Punishment Chair: Jing Hu (Concordia University (Montreal))
Bongrae Seok (Alvernia University) “The Duality of Confucian Emotion and Moral Empathy”
Wenhui Xie (University of Oklahoma) “Worries in My Heart – A Defense of the Significance of Negative Emotions in the Analects”
Hanzhou Zhang (Tsinghua University) “How to Form a Productive Dialogue between Confucian Ethics and Care Ethics”
Liang Cai (University of Notre Dame) “Can Heavy Punishment Deter Crime: Shang Yang and Han Feizi in dialogue with the Western Han Reality”

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