ISCWP Announcement

From Alexus McLeod:

Dear ISCWP Members,

Our vote has concluded, with the result that Shirong Luo has been elected ISCWP Vice President, and Yuanfang Dai elected as Secretary-Treasurer, for the 2023-2026 term. Thank you to all of the members for your continued support of the ISCWP, and for helping with the election and smooth transition of the new Board of Directors. And congratulations to Dr. Luo and Dr. Dai on their elections.

I now hand over leadership of the ISCWP to its new President, Dr. Sun Wei. I wish him all success in continuing to advance the important comparative project of the ISCWP, and using it to move our field forward. Godspeed!

All the best,

Alexus McLeod
Professor of Religious Studies, Indiana University
Past President of ISCWP (2020-2023)

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