Jiang Qing book published

Jiang Qing’s book, A Confucian Constitutional Order: How China’s Ancient Past Can Shape Its Political Future, has been published by Princeton. The website contains more information, including a free download of Daniel Bell’s Introduction. The full Table of Contents:


Acknowledgments vii

Introduction 1
Daniel A. Bell

Part I: A Confucian Constitutional Order

The Way of the Humane Authority:The Theoretical Basis for Confucian Constitutionalism and a Tricameral Parliament 27
Jiang Qing
The Supervisory System of Confucian Constitutionalism: Reflections on the Supervision of the State by the Academy 44
Jiang Qing
A Confucian Constitutionalist State: The Constitutional Role and Contemporary Significance of Republicanism under a Symbolic Monarch 71
Jiang Qing

Part II: Comments

On the Legitimacy of Confucian Constitutionalism 99
Joseph Chan
An Old Mandate for a New State: On Jiang Qing’s Political Confucianism 113
Bai Tongdong
Transcendent Heaven? A Critique of Jiang Qing’s Grounding of the Right to Rule 129
Chenyang Li
Is the Way of the Humane Authority a Good Thing? An Assessment of Confucian Constitutionalism 139
Wang Shaoguang

Part III: Response to the Commentators

Debating with My Critics 161
Jiang Qing

Notes 209

Bibliography 241

Contributors 249

Index 251

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