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Xiamen University is seeking an English-language lecturer; the ad only mentions teaching strengths in Western philosophy but my understanding is that they are particularly interested in candidates who also have interests in Chinese philosophy.

The School of Philosophy and Social Development at Huaqiao University, Xiamen, China, invites applications for a lectureship in philosophy.

The School of Philosophy and Social Development at Huaqiao University was founded in September 2009. It is a relatively young school that evolved from several former institutes. Since its foundation, our school has become home to one of the most important programs in Southeast China and one of the fastest growing programs nationwide.

The School has 30 permanent academic faculty members, 25 in the department of philosophy and 5 in the department of sociology respectively. The School is also home to more than 100 undergraduate and 100 graduate students.

The School is firmly committed to excellence in teaching, offering a wide range of programs at undergraduate and graduate level. At undergraduate level, we currently offer a program leading to a B.A. degree in Sociology, and in September 2013, we will provide a brand new program in philosophy. At the graduate level, we offer programs in different research areas leading to a Master degree and a PhD in philosophy.

The Department of Philosophy of the School has several divisions concentrating on the following research areas: Chinese Classical Philosophy, Ethics, Marxist Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion,Philosophy of Technology, Western Philosophy (several faculty members work in philosophy of language and logic, philosophy of mind, political philosophy, ancient Greek philosophy, medieval philosophy, early modern philosophy, and phenomenology).

It is also worth emphatic mentioning that our School of Philosophy and Social Development at Huaqiao University is located in the beautiful coast city of Xiamen, southeast China. For more information, please check this link:

In order to promote excellence in teaching, research, as well as internationalization and diversity, the School of Philosophy and Social Development invites applications for a lectureship in philosophy.

The successful applicant’s work at Huaqiao University includes the following:

1)    Deliver introductory lecture courses in western Philosophy; teach advanced seminar in History of Philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of mind, Ethics. All courses should be taught in English. Workload: Teach at least two 2-3 hour courses a semester that lasts 18 weeks;

2)    Supervise student theses;

3)    Collaborate with colleagues of the School of Philosophy and Social Development to address teaching and research issues;

4)    Participate in campus and community events. Deliver two public lectures each semester.

Huaqiao University will provide:

1)    Salary, ¥120,000 to¥150,000 p.a. for young professionals (approximately 20,000 to 25,000US dollars according to the current exchange rate), higher for more experienced professors. (final figure will be negotiated individually, salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.)

2)    Free Housing (internet and Cable TV paid by the university, while electricity, water should be paid by oneself);

3)    Travel stipend:¥10,000;

4)    Working Permit in China and insurance;

5)    Working Space.

The applicants should hold a Ph. D in philosophy from western countries. Applicants should be able to teach and conduct research in English.

The applicants should send application materials to Ms. Li, Meng and Dr Li, Zhongwei before 15th, August 2013 (Deadline will be extended if insufficient amount of applications are received).

Application materials include 1) letter of application, 2) CV (information of two refrees included), 3) writing sample, 4) two sample syllabi, and 5) evidence of teaching experience (not required but preferred).

A possible video interview will be arranged after the deadline. For the successful applicant, work starts from September or the begining of October, 2013.(other dates also negotiable)

Contact Information:

Ms. Li, Meng, Division of Human Resources of Huaqiao University


Dr. Li, Zhongwei, Assistant Professor, School of Philosophy and Social Development


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  1. “The applicants should hold a Ph. D in philosophy from western countries.”

    Is that a common qualification?

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