Job Opening: University of Hong Kong, Asian Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong is inviting applications for an open rank, tenure-track post. Candidates are expected to have Asian philosophy as an area of specialization. Applications will be accepted on line only, through the Academic Jobs Online service. The URL for the job listing is:

The link above provides a detailed description of the application requirements and procedures.

For potential applicants’ information, let me clarify three points.

(1) The phrase “Asian philosophy” is intended to be broadly construed. For example, applicants specializing in aspects of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, or other Asian or East Asian philosophy are all welcome to apply. Applicants who combine Asian philosophy with another area as an AOS are also welcome.

(2) The initial screening of applicants’ research background will be a blind review. For this purpose, in addition to a standard CV with a publication list, we ask applicants to also provide an anonymized writing sample, an anonymized research statement, and a list of the journals, anthologies, and publishers where your work has been published (the list should omit the titles of the publications and include only the names of the journals, anthologies, and publishers).

(3) Depending on qualifications, the successful candidate may be offered a post at the assistant professor, associate professor, or full professor level. The latter two ranks may be offers on tenure terms. Senior candidates applying for the higher ranks will not automatically be preferred over junior candidates applying for assistant professor.


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