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Chinese and Comparative Philosophy 中國哲學與比較哲學

Latest issue of JCPC

The Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, Vol. 28 / August 2017, has been published. The full contents are available via this link; the Table of Contents follows.


Table of Contents

KIM Myeong-Seok 1 Two Faces of Human Dignity:

Mencius and Migrant Workers in East Asia

KIM Hak Ze 27 Deciphering Zhou Dunyi’s “Taijitu” 太極圖
KIM Woo-hyung 47 The Substance of the Mind and the Immortality of the Self in Zhu Xi:

In Relation to the Guishen-hunpo Theory



67 A Composite Centrality:

Interpreting Centrality within Zhu Xi’s Zhongyong

LO Ming-Tung 87 Scholarship and Self-Cultivation:

Reconstruction, Dissemination, and Internalization of Confucian Thought in Joseon through the Xiaoxue 小學

全聖健 113 海月崔時亨的世界認識與自任意識
唐明貴 127 《論語》與漢唐司法的儒家化
林彥廷 147 論王廷相對張載“太虛即氣”的承繼與轉型
金德均 165 傳統孝行成爲負擔的理由

―― 《世宗實錄》中出現的孝行特點和問題

張鉉根 189 論荀子的禮和法後王―― 以“禮義統類”槪念分析

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